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The Doubleyou collections in Teak and oak, are manufactured in one of the best equipped, and most technologically advanced factories in Central Java. We have our own sawmills and computer controlled ovens right up to automated docking saws and CNC machining centers. A multitude of other advanced equipment and highly professional finishing techniques round out a very capable factory. The speed of production and the level of quality are second to none in the Indonesian furniture industry. The professionalism of our factory and the dedication of its highly skilled team, combined with outstanding designs, quality control and client service will ensure us a leading market position in the wooden Bathroom and kitchen sector for many years into the future.

We have a production space of 14 444m2 (with additional of 900m3 of floors) and a a 4360 m2 sawmill
Our sawmill can stock up to 1000m3 of logs and can process up to 20m3 of oak logs per day.
By today, our capacity is up to 30 containers 40’/ Hcub per month.


The production is divided into 4 main divisions:

  1. Sawmill and wood drying (oven)

    Sawing and drying takes place in our own facilities, controlled by professionals.

  2. Solid Wood Transformation:

    Accurate and efficient component production.

  3. Panel and veneer transformation

    Veneer jointing machines, hot presses and CNC saws dominate our panel and veneer department.

  4. Assembling / sanding / finishing and Packing

    This is where the hand work really starts, and the care and attention in these four areas is exhibited in the finished product.

Our strength comes from our carefully selected imported machines from German, Dutch, Belgium and Italian companies.




Our machines give us technology, flexibility, precision and state-to-the-art quality in production. But good machining capabilities would not mean much without also having excellent timber supplies…
We indeed carefully select and import our timber materials, from Europe, most of which come from PEFC certified forest and suppliers.

Moisture Resistant MDF in stock.
E1 (EU market) CARB II compliant (US market)
Thicknesses up to 38 mm and jumbo sized panels with length up to 3,60 meters

Veneer and Edging oak up to 1mm thick, coming in various grade AB, B, rustic grades.
Oak (Qercus Spp.)
Teak (Tectona Grandis)

We usemainly European Oak (PEFC Certified) but also Javanese
governmental plantation Teak (SVLK compliant)


We use high-end hardware from BLUM, HETTISCH, HAFELE, GRASS, CAMAR, POETTKER, DTC.


Since 2013, we are SVLK certified by the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry. SVLK enables us to comply with the Forest Law Enforcement Governance and Trade - FLEGT (in the European Union) or with the Lacey Act (USA)

European oak logs, lumbers and veneers and European MDF panels are imported from PEFC certified sources. Our MDF is also E1 (European Union) and CARB 2 (USA) certified.

On top of this, we are a SMETA (Social Compliance) certified Factory.