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Teak bowl "Adagio" Ø 20cm natural food grade oil

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Teak has wonderful natural colours ranging from a rich golden brown in the heartwood to a pale crème in the sapwood, and these naturally finished 20cm bowls from Rico & Platos wooden tableware range have those colours boldly on display owing to the simple finishing method. As well as the colours, Teak also has swirling growth rings throughout the heartwood and sapwood that increase the beauty, and the natural uniqueness of these products. The best way to display these features is to carefully shape the bowl from a rough lump of Teak until the form within appears, and then a thorough sanding process renders it super-smooth to the touch, all while leaving the shape of the bowls edge to be dictated by the wood is was carved from. The only finishing that is applied to this model is several coats of food grade mineral oil, which is a clear, inert oil completely safe for use with kitchen utensils. It darkens and enhances the features mentioned above to complete the wonderful product you see here.


Wood Teak
Finish N/A
Shape N/A
Dimension (cm) Ø (±) 20cm - height (±) 12cm



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