Cutting Boards

A cutting board is an integral part of any homes kitchen, and they are used almost every day. Today’s cutting board design goes far beyond a simple piece of wood, with far greater inbuilt usefulness and attractiveness. Another trend with modern cutting boards is that they are used for serving food, snacks and delicacies also. Rico&Plato has a great range of different cutting and serving boards, almost exclusively made from Teak. We have chunky solid end grain boards that present a very solid surface for cutting and chopping, and some of these have in built features like drawers, or cut outs for slipping a plate under, or even a concave surface to keep things from sliding off.

We have great serving boards with narrow profiles and easy to grip handles for bringing treats to your family and guests. We also have very naturally shaped boards that bring natures beauty into the kitchen. W-doubleyou range of cutting and serving boards will continue to grow, in size and function, as we move forward. So make sure you drop back in from time to time to see our latest developments.

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